March 26, 2008


Apparently Nadja (one of my favorite shoegaze metal bands) is in the running for most records released in a year against Jesu...and ironically both bands fall under the same umbrella of wall of drone melodic bliss the battle is on!

From the band's mailing list email:

"Archive has re-issued Nadja's long (well, a year) out of print album "Thaumogenesis" along with a companion live disc, "Thaumoradiance," from our performance at the Music Gallery in Toronto last October.

More info and orderable here:

Nadja has two forthcoming albums (with accompanying t-shirts) which are now available for pre-order:

"Skin Turns to Glass" from The End Records -- the last of our original cdr releases to be re-worked and re-recorded:

"Desire in Uneasiness" from Crucial Blast -- our first album with live drums (courtesy of Jakob Thiesen) and very cool artwork from our friend The Revorend Aitor: "

I found this awesome picture of the band here.

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