May 22, 2008

Le Confort Du Clip

Or in English, clip-on comfort.

It isn't this blog's habit to post product reviews but since this is music related I decided to share my new joy.

I hate almost all small headphones but trust me when I say not only are huge headphones grossly uncomfortable when working out; you look pretty much like a crazy person for wearing them to the gym.

Earbuds don't work for two reasons with me. 1) Most earbuds are too large to fit into my little ears. Maybe I have freakishly petite ears but most earbuds feel like a square peg in a round hole. 2) The few earbuds I have managed to shove into my ears for work out purposes eventually slip out when I begin to sweat. While I appreciate a reason not to work out to the point where I sweat, my spare tire around the middle begs to differ.

The solution to my earbud dilemma was found in Philips Clip-On Comfort headphones. The clips snuggly wrap around any sized ear while small soft cushions sit comfortably over your ear. It will take a few seconds to get used to the clip on earring feeling but ultimately these are truly comfortable and don't slip off, no matter how hard your exercising. You can even do the Peanut's dance where you bop your head from side to side with all the energy you have and they won't slip off. Best of all, beyond the comfort and reliability factor, they sound great...or as the label on the package says, it had "superb bass performance".

For the most part I dread going to the gym but with these affordable headphones ($20.00) I can finally work out to my own soundtrack rather that suffering through music like the Pussycat Dolls or Ashlee Simpson blaring through Gold's Gym. Oh and as an added bonus I can drown out the dude in front of me making gross sex-like grunts as he lift weights.

One last pet peeve of mine; I hate buying products sealed in hard plastic because they are nearly impossible to open without scissors, a blade, or a wrestling match with the packaging. The back of this Philips product is cardboard with a perforated outline which you gently poke with your finger to release the headphones from it's plastic casing. So easy and totally genius!

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