May 11, 2008

Summer Jamz

Everybody loves to get excited about their favorite summer jams around this time of year. Typically, the winners in the summer jam sweepstakes come from the pop universe, especially those spheres inhabited by folks like Timbaland and Missy Elliott. Being that I'm an antisocial hermit who rarely ventures out except to see shows, I don't have the same emotional investment that lots of folks do in their warm-weather listening. However, I have found a track which I think qualifies as my first bonafide summer jam of 2008:

Holy Fuck's "Lovely Allen (Brothers Remix)"

This remix of a 2007 song by Holy Fuck really threw me for a loop when I first heard it a couple of weeks ago as part of a mix that Brothers did for FADER. After unsuccessfully trying for a while to find an MP3, I ended up ripping it from the mix itself, though the sound quality and wonky ending leave a little to be desired. Regardless, it's a monster remix of an already fantastic track and whenever it starts up, I basically end up wishing it'll never end.

Check the Brothers FADER mix here.

And here's the video for the original "Lovely Allen":


  1. I didn't realize that one of the members of Brothers was in Don Cab as well as Storm & Stress. Learn something everyday I do!

  2. Okay, Tracyoda.