May 22, 2008

When did the equation become Emo = Suicide?

How is this for a startling number when you put in emo + suicide in google?
1 - 10 of about 4,010,000 for emo suicide

The suicide of a 13 year old girl from the UK who considered herself emo has ignited all sorts of interest in and attacks against this genre which apparently no longer means 1st generation emo like Rites of Spring or 2nd generation emo like Cap's Jazz, but rather My Chemical Romance. (Huh? Is that even music???)

Metal and Goth kids can sigh in relief because there is a new teen killer in town according to parental units and the coroners of the world and it wears guy-liner.

How about we do a study about teen depression and how music doesn't create suicidal kids, suicidal kids find music that appeals to their already depressed nature. Parents are in denial and looking to point the figure at anyone else but the chemistry of their child, the family atmosphere he or she is raised in, and how they themselves were too blind to see or scared to admit that all the signs of a mentally ill person living under their roof was right there in front of them and missed it.

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