May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend Top 10

10. The first of the final Stanley Cup games.

9. A perfect excuse to sport my favorite color combo of red, white, and blue.

8. Wii Fit. Mock me if you like but I have really enjoyed my first three days of playing this "game". The four basic workout themes of Yoga, balance, strength training, and aerobics on a board with sensors that keeps track of your weight / weight distribution has already helped me shed a pound and a half in three days. Admittedly I thought just the concept of working out to my video game system was pathetic but so far I have truly enjoyed it and truthfully feel genuinely challenged by it.

7. Studying the French Language again for this first time in 20 years at home from an old textbook. Maybe a proper college class next Spring?

6. Chai goat milk soap purchased at a local farmers market.

5. Spicy Sausage, risotto, caramelized onions, shallot, arugula cooked in chicken stock and wine topped with lemon zest and Romano cheese. (We made ours with white wine)

4. Planting a whole bunch of new perennial flowers in our front garden. Gardening is a new hobby of mine that I find strangely rewarding and very relaxing.

3. Thee gorgeous days - sunny, warm, breezy, and work free.

2.The book Snoop by Sam Gosling which is not about the Rap artist but rather the art and science behind snooping AKA reasonably judging people using deduction via multiple techniques but mostly by the space they occupy. You wouldn't believe the fascinating psychology reflected in how a person lives in a space: how they decorate it, how they keep up with cleaning it, how it is organized, and the items collected in that space. Your office, your car, your home, your website or Facebook / Myspace page all give off clues to your character, how you view yourself as well as how you want the world to perceive you. Not only will this book teach you valuable ways to the view the world around you but it may also change the way you think about yourself, your actions, and the spaces you work, live, and play in.

1. My Yeah-Yeah Girl dj night at Ipanema this past Saturday. For a holiday weekend the turn out was really terrific (100+ through the night is my best guess) and I must thank all my friends for stopping by as well as all the new faces who showed up and Sam for sticking it out for all 5 hours. I had a blast and it was a treat to be given so much positive feedback about the records I was playing. One last thank you to Ipanema for having me and high-five to the girls who sported the super cute mod 60's outfits...too cute!


  1. You're a hockey fan?

  2. Heck yeah! I am a Caps fan but once they were out of the playoffs I have kept watching all the games. I didn't really have a favorite team for these final games but after all the cheap hits from the Penguins to Franzen who has been out a whole bunch with a concussion made me end up cheering on Detroit. Clearly the Penguins are sore losers. I will however be posting about the music Pittsurgh arena plays duting hockey games - some interesting choices for sure.