October 14, 2008

Ascend / Ample Fire Within

Artist: Ascend
Title: Ample Fire Within
Hometown: LA, CA

Label: Southern Lord
Street Date: Out now
RIYL: Beards!

The Hits: V O G, Dark Matter
Magnitude Rating Scale: Major

Beards! Beards with guitars! Beards who used to be on Revelation Records (Engine Kid / Iceburn), tour together back in the day, loved jazz and then alienated their hardcore kid following by moving their bands in noisy avante directions that kids couldn't mosh to.

In fact I remember playing on a bill with both bands in Long Island in the mid 90s and watching the crowd freeze, blink multiple times as if they were vaguely making an effort to digest the noise coming off the stage and eventually walk out the door because clearly Coltrane and or Earth hadn't met theirs quite yet. Who knew Greg Anderson and Gentry Densley were so ahead of the curve? Who could have guessed a band like Sunno))) was just a decade away?

I'm not sure Jazzoom is a real genre but it crossbreeds Jazz and Doom in a way that produces what one might expect from these gentlemen with musical history. Think heavy. Think Melvins taking on Sun Ra. Think really good ...if you like drone dry humping Miles Davis.

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  1. I remember that show Tracy...Engine Kid cleared the room