October 20, 2008

Fucked Up / Vivian Girls : R+R Hotel, DC

Last night I headed to DC to see Fucked Up, Vivan Girls, and Cloak Dagger. I hadn't been to the venue before so first I would like to note that the signs from 395 N to get into the part of town suck. There was lots of last minute WOAH that is our exit quick lane shifts which I am sure had it not been a quiet Sunday night on the road would have equated to total driving hell.

For those of you from Richmond was it was a hometown surprise to park a block away from the club and realize you are in front of the new Sticky Rice location. So that's where it is!

I unfortunately missed most of Cloak Dagger so it wouldn't be fair to review their portion of the show.

While I like the Vivian Girls on record, live I continue to be left not unimpressed but not exactly wowed either. The songs are great but their stage presence is a flat line experience.

"So we played on the radio today"
Other band member: "What?"
Repeated: "We played on the radio today"
Other band member: Oh yeah, we played on the radio today."

At another point people in the crowd were noisy between songs and one of the VGs overheard a girl call a friend next to her a dickhead which she then seemed stoked on - enough to comment on from stage. So yeah, even the band themselves seemed to notice the audience was giving a more captivating show than they were. Anyhow, a new song was played which sounded darn good (more Sonic Youth than Shangri-las) and my favorite of the night was their Beach Boys cover of "Girl Don't Tell Me".

Fucked Up played mostly material from the new record on Matador and while I like the new record for the craziest mix of Poison Idea vocals meets the most epic massive non sounding hardcore music ever, I wasn't really feeling their live show. It isn't to say they weren't good but after a really long week for me (and the band....see below) it seemed like we all weren't at our best. I know I felt tired but wanted to make the effort to be at the show - it seemed like the band was on the same page.

Here are some links to their 12 hour show in NYC on 10/14. Guest appearances all day included Moby doing all Ramones songs with the band, Jon from the Cro-Mags, J Mascis, singer guy from Vampire Weekend, Tim from Les Savy Fav, Matt Sweeney...the list goes on.



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