October 24, 2008

Friday Flashcard - Name that Metal Band

BETWEEN TWO WORLDS - in stores November 3, 2006

This band is a Bergen, Norway "supergroup" featuring members of Immortal, Gorgoroth, Sahg, and Enslaved but to my ears are not nearly as good as any of those other bands. I feel like these kinds of bands are never as good at the bands thee members come from. Can someone name a supergroup that is actually as good or better than the bands they stem from?

I also can't wait for you to check out these band's MySpace page. They must be sponsored by a leather company.

(The name of the band is in the comments section)


  1. Imagine that, the band is called "I".


  2. I think the argument could be made that Battles is at least as good as Don Cab or Helmet or Lynx or Ty Braxton's solo stuff. Although Don Cab is/was damn good...

  3. Totally a good example. Bravo!