April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009 : Cause & Effect : Fundraiser Show


Well you know how this time of year works. Your favorite local community radio station begs you for some $$$ because without that green stuff they don't have a way to keep the station up and running. WRIR is no exception to this reality. We have the people power, amazing volunteers and talented on air folks with terrific radio shows, but the station still has bills to pay and without donations from our wonderful listeners we won't be able to keep the station going. You are bright people, you get the picture, and I know this is all stuff you have heard a billion times before.

You can call in and donate the old fashioned way during our show tonight or donate on line at wrir.org. We are on from 7PM to 9PM tonight and you can stream our show online or at 97.3 if you live in RVA.

Our fundraiser show will have more talking than usual (asking for money takes up air time, ha!) so we opted to do mini C&E sets - three songs featuring the classic show formula of tracing one band to another. IE : The Ramones to The Nerves to No Age. I read an interview with No Age that talked about their obsession with The Nerves and how that seeped in to their recording session for the last record Nouns. The Nerves in turn were heavily inspired by The Ramones and there you have it, a mini Cause & Effect set.

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