April 13, 2009

Mini Reviews : Part 1

My blog is showing the ripple effects of A) me not having a job and no longer getting an endless stream of new CDs. B) no job for several months + minuscule unemployment check = no money to buy new music C) having a weekly radio show that requires intense focus on one artist at a time.

I am however lucky enough to get a small handfull of new releases to review for the radio station so I thought I would run down a quick list of some of those titles here.

Artist - Crystal Antlers
Title - Tentacles
Hometown - Long Beach, CA
Label - Touch and Go
Street Date -Out Now
RIYL - Kick out the jams motherfucker, early Whigs, Anastasia Screamed (if you know this band - I love you)
The Hits - Dust, Tentacles, Memorized
Richter Magnitude Rating Scale - Moderate to strong
Mini Review - Early Afghan Whigs had they taken the brown acid. The worst part about the record is the trendy band name.

Artist - Telekinesis
Title - S/T
Hometown - Seattle
Label - Merge
Street Date- Out now
RIYL - being disappointed by Merge occasionally
The Hits - that would be stretching the truth.
Richter Magnitude Rating Scale - moderate
Mini Review - Telekinesis is basically a one man band from Seattle who recorded with Chris Walla from Death Cab. No shocker here, this sounds like a catchy indie pop record made by someone from the Northwest who clearly likes the way Ben Gibbard and company writes songs. Safe and non offensive, this is an indie rock record that the silver set (AKA your rents) could probably enjoy too.

Artist - Pan American
Title - White Bird Release
Hometown - Chicago, IL
Label - Kranky
Street Date- Out now
RIYL - the 5 other Pan American records
Hits -I appreciate this record but nothing exactly screams hit to me
Richter Magnitude Rating Scale - Moderate
Mini Review : White Bird Release isn’t a significant detour from Pan American’s previous five albums. Dreamy, spacey, hushed, soundscapey…all the usual suspects are in place.

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