January 3, 2010

Best Records of 2009: #9 : An Horse / Rearrange Beds

Maybe you liked the Spinanes as much as I did?

There was something incredibly compact and pop perfect about the two piece from Olympia, WA circa most the '90s. When they vanished in the early part of this decade I ached for a new band to fill their shoes and while some came close, An Horse was the band who came the closest.

Cuddle-core with a touch sandpaper roughness mixed in, this Australian boy/girl duo makes me want to hug and bang my head all at once (Do not try this at home). Their 2009 release Rearrange Beds on Mom + Pop Records serves up 10 tracks of delicious riff-tiffic pop songs backed by heavy drum hits; a non-traditional approach to what I am still determined to call cuddle-core.

The only other band to really nail this hard meets soft combo was Rebecca and Scott from the Spinanes and again, if you liked them as much as I did, An Horse will make for a nice addition to your music collection.


  1. You said the magic word "Spinanes" so I had to listen.

    Wow, a guitar / drum duo with actually good songs. Totally nails what I loved about 90's "indie" pop. I'm assuming since they appeared on a Fox morning news program (I've needed more ticker with my songs) they have some hype behind them, but I can no longer tolerate the alternative rock machine so I've missed it. Is this on record? Time to investigate.

  2. Yikes! They're touring sizeable venues in Canada right now with Tegan & Sara (uh, I hear they're nice?), but no records!!!