January 23, 2010

Misa Digital Guitar

Thanks Chope for passing this link along to me.

Software engineer Michael (who ironically worked for a guitar tube amp & effects company) invented this gadget because he wanted to bring electronic music to life in a live setting.

Here is a quote from his website "I love all kinds of music from Pantera to Pink Floyd, but my favourite music is electronic, bands like Daft Punk, Boards of Canada and Justice for example, and in fact Justice - Waters of Nazareth is the song that made me decide to make the digital guitar in the first place! If you listen to that song, you can just tell it is heavy/death metal guitar translated to synthesizers. I wanted to see that sort of music performed live, by a real band with digital drums and digital keyboards etc - but there were no digital guitars."

Guitar players by nature take the old fashioned more traditional stringed instrument you strum very seriously and don't welcome change often to their lively hood (take that Guitar Hero / Rock Band) so I don't see this be a welcomed invention in their circles but I can certainly see fans of gadgets and electronic music embracing this new instrument.

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