January 21, 2010

Flyers are back?

Last night I found myself in one of those annoyingly ubiquitous conversations about "the way things used to be". It is always a treat to meet someone in my age bracket and discuss how we found music in the pre-digital era. This led to a discussion about rock show flyers and how much we missed them. I know that they still exist, but I think that sort of thing falls by the wayside when you can invite 600 people with a couple of clicks through a social media resource.

To my surprise, a local promoter has noticed a trend in the re-birth of the flyer. Apparently, this has a direct correlation with myspace fading away. I embrace technology with open arms, but I still get pretty excited when I see my favorite no name band is coming to town on a piece of copied paper, taped to the record store counter.


  1. Designing a flyer is half the fun of doing a show, in my opinion. I like this!

  2. I second Phil! Yeah!