January 10, 2010

Top 10 of 2009 : #3 : Japandroids / Post-Nothing

Part of me wanted to cut this band from my list because they have been press darlings for most of 2009 and Post-Nothing made it onto a myriad of top ten lists as well. BUT, not posting about a record I really loved last year just because they are popular seemed even sillier to me.

I will spare you a proper review of this Canadian two piece from Canada (who besides their namesake do line up nicely with Japanther sound wise) but their blissed out melodic sing along noise fest brings me this kind of childhood bliss:

1) First sled ride of the year down the biggest hill in town
2) Jumping into a pool on the first hot day of the year
3) Bumper car chaos
4) Believing in Santa
5) Waking up before the entire house to watch my favorite cartoons
6) Sleepovers with your best friend
7) Breakfast for dinner
8) Getting picked first in gym class
9) The yes box being checked on a "do you like me" note from a crush
10) Finally getting the puppy you asked for approximately 724,042 times

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