January 21, 2010

Cause & Effect : Jan 21, 2010 : No Age

There are so many right things about the this band. I have a thing for two piece bands and they are in fact a two piece band.

They make great noisy pop and bury melodies among the static. Love it.

They are vocal about being vegan. Very vocal. And the more they talk about it, the more they educate people who may not know that can be a lifestyle change they too can make.

My favorite aspect about No Age is all the cool shit they do beyond just making music. They are part of their local art community on so many levels and involved in so many varies multi media projects. Some bands are all talk but this band is all action and yes, I love them for that too.

Tonight's show will be all about No Age, the bands they grew up worshiping (hardcore, punk, noise, experimental), the bands in their scene (Abe Vigoda, Japanther Women Times New Viking), and more recent bands that ride the fine line between chaos pop (Lightning Bolt, Japandroids, Wavves).

We focus on one band every week on Cause & Effect from 7PM to 9PM and you can stream us live at www.wrir.org or locally listen to us on 97.3 FM.

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