July 25, 2008

I really don't think it gets

any more gay than this... only the boys in these pictures are more gay than any gay man I actually know. So emo means a straight razor haircut, piercings in our near the mouth, guy liner, and wearing ties? Oh, and playing or listening to really shitty "emotional" music. I don't imagine anyone will really need to press play to watch this but more power to you if you do, no less can sit through more than 10 seconds of it. I can't believe this even exists but somewhere a 14 year old girl is hugging a pink furry pillow and pressing play again.

Think of the most stunning genius crazy cool thing ever and then picture the exact opposite. Its like a Hot Topic male model exploded all over your computer screen. Eeeeewwwwww.

And just to defend how I found this in the first place, I was looking up an old girl group song called "Lookin' for Boys" on YouTube and this video came up instead.

Then one bad video led to another....


  1. 52 seconds of the first one. That was it. I didn't even try the second one.

    I did manage to eat pizza while watching it though.

  2. 10 seconds and I could feel my balls shrinking.

  3. I was able to sit through both videos. But, I have seen Faces of Death and 2 girls one cup before, so I have a high threshold for visual pain. That first vid, it was just one kid, right? I mean some goth dudes used to be 'fem', but this seems like it's aiming more for 'vulnerable'. It is depressing and repulsive, but so are guidos. Yeah, it's really, really 'faggy'. The second vid is a commercial for honey bees. I guess the dancing is in reference to the movements that bees make in order to alert each other 'where the pollen be at, yo'. At least the movie 'Honey' had Jessica Alba going for it. It looked like a skit from Tim and Eric. That being said, the track was kinda hot - ha.