July 22, 2008


Thank you Montreal (and my lovely hosts for babysitting me). My 5 day vacation of record shopping was a success and I had a total blast.

My favorite two stores for used vinyl were hands down Primitive and Beatnick but Nice Music tops the list too.

Actually every store I stopped in had really helpful great people working at them too. All those tales you hear about record store people being nasty aren't true. I find when you show a genuine interest in learning about music from a store that carries used records...especially if it music from the region the store is located in, the people who work at the store are the best teachers in town.

Here is a list of record stores in Montreal.

Also remember the story about the Canadian guy who found a ridiculously rare Velvet Underground acetate? He has a record store that is kinda a dream come true. You have to climb crazy steep black metal stairs (oooooh black metal) to reach it so it is a bit like shopping in a tree house - even though it is really just the back room of an apartment AND they sell baked goods. Yessss.

I will post about some of the records I scored in greater detail later on. I am pretty burnt out from my first day back at work and too tired too write more today. I will say that I have a good hour of new music to DJ at my next night so consider yourself warned. My next DJ night will be the best one yet!!!!

Also thank you Mr. Sunshine for the bits from Chicago. Its the next best thing to actually being at the fest myself.

I also took took a few hours to shop for records in Burlington, VT but I have to say I was really disappointed. Not many used records to be found there although Pure Pop is a fine indie store in a traditional college town kinda way.

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