July 7, 2008

Indian Jewelry / Free Gold!

Artist - Indian Jewelry
Title - Free Gold!
Hometown - Houston, TX
Label - We Are Free
Street Date - Out Now

RIYL - Spacemen 3, Swarm of Angels, Psychic Ills, robot drone, Suicide, Throbbing Gristle, Chrome, RTX, VU, sunglasses at night, strobe lights
The Hits - Swans, Pompeii, Walking on Water, Bird is Broke, Overdrive
Richter Magnitude Rating Scale - moderate

I don't know what Thurston Moore's dreams are like but I imagine them to be scored by Indian Jewelry and the warm fuzzy blanket of noise they wrap themselves up in. Throbbing beats, pedals begetting pedals, seething synths, male and female vocals sleepwalking through feedback...this could be Sonic Youth's EVOL distant cousin.

Who needs to do drugs when you can listen to a record that makes you feel like you are in a real hazy Ketamine coma like stupor? If you have ever felt in need of a decent chaser to Perfect Prescription , Free Gold! will prolong that dreamy euphoric state for nearly another hour. When you are that far into the k-hole you won't hear any of the ever so occasional wrong notes, amp hum or clumsy bits.

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