July 17, 2008

Trees / Lights Bane

Artist - Trees
Title - Lights Bane
Hometown - Portland, OR
Label - Crucial Blast
Street Date - Out Now
RIYL - Feedback for miles, Sunno))) + Malefic, being buried alive,
The Hits - There are only 2 songs on the record and they are both equally good
Richter Magnitude Rating Scale - Moderate to strong

Heavy - check

Feedback - check

Drone- check

Long drawn out feedback - check

Jazz like drum fills pecking at wall of noise occasionally - check

Screaming much like what I imagine an insane asylum on fire might produce - check

Terror inducing - check

If you don't mind your metal crawling along slowly like a dying beast encased in a swarm of bees than you will probably like this record as much as I do. If your thing is Beck or Liz Phair I would say back away from this one slowly and then run for your life.

1 comment:

  1. There are already a couple of groups from the 60s/70s that go by Trees (one British, one American). Can't these guys use the Internet before deciding on a band name?