July 30, 2008

King Khan and the Shrines / The Supreme Genius Of

Artist - King Khan and the Shrines
Title - The Supreme Genius Of
Hometown - The erogenous zone
Label - Vice
Street Date - Out Now
RILY - the sound of James Brown having an orgasm
The Hits - It will hit you in all the right spots, I am talking the naughty bits
Richter Magnitude Rating Scale - Major

Not to bitch slap The Make Up but I will and where Ian Svenonius failed to recreated the birth of soul with his Gospel Funk implosion, King Khan conquers. Here we have 16 tracks of Khan, a ruckus of rhythmic greatest hits from his overseas discography. Wear a crash helmet for protection because that is how hard this mother fucker brings it.
Is it hot in here? You won't be able to answer me until you have this record playing in your stereo and feel the need to strip down and get dirty. Have two left feet? That is okay, this record offers plenty of bump and grind for you. If you have a partner to share this record with, even better. You can thank me later.

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