July 27, 2008

This is my new favorite.

The Might Boosh. Why can't American TV be this fucking bonkers?

Quite a few of the videos are disabled on youtube that I had originally posted, sorry about that! Here are a few links to the BBC clips.



You can also watch whole episodes broken down into three parts if you go to YouTube and enter in The Maightee Bewsh. As fas as I can tell there doesn't seem to be DVDs made for those of us without the non UK formate.


  1. The current UK TV DVD obsession at our aptmt is seasons 1-5 of Peep Show.

    Multi-region DVD players are cheap. Shamefully I have three. I guess downloading everything is cheaper still, but some idiot has to keep the wheels of commerce spinning.

  2. Anonymous 7/29/08, 2:30 PM

    the mighty boosh is genius, congrats

  3. Oh man - Peep Show is GREAT too. Word on the street is there will be an American remake. Not sure it will be as good but then again, I thought The Office didn't have a chance either.

    A multi region DVD player might end up on my Birthday wish list. Which is Nov 17 by the way, ha!