July 1, 2008

Love is All / Play Five Covers

Artist - Love is All
Title - Play Five Covers
Hometown - Sweden
Label - CD-R tour 0nly EP
Street Date - Now - at a Love is All show near you
RIYL - Love is All and cover songs
The Hits - Kung Fu on the Internet, I Ran, So Far Away
Richter Magnitude Rating Scale - Moderate

A must have for serious fans of Love Is All, this is a CD-R of 5 cover songs the band has put together on their own. For those of you who haven't been able to catch them live and pick up the cd in a DIY paper sleeve the size of a playbill, eMusic has the exclusive rights to the tracks with a bonus track of the Pastels cover "Nothing to Be Done" plus one original song off their upcoming long player.

The track listing on the CD:

1) Kung Fu on the Internet - Lung Leg (sounds like it could be a Love is All original)

2) I Ran - A Flock of Seagulls (fun, especially for those with a hard on for the 80s)

3) So Far Away - Dire Straits ( I was suspicious of this one but it works as a ballad perfectly)

4) Fucking Hell - Jed Dmochowski ( Called Golly Gosh on the tracklisting and eMusic)

5) Darling Nikki - Prince (My least favorite of the covers, in theory it is a good idea but it doesn't work beyond the intro - it sounds like a cat being strangled during the choruses)

eMusic does not have the Prince cover but to be honest you aren't missing much there. If you are a Love Is All completest I would recommend checking on EBAY for the CD-R.

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