January 27, 2009

Los Peyotes

I saw this record in a store a picked it up for the cover alone. It was in the 60's garage section and it looked cool - what can I say...I am an easy target. Anyhow, at the time I didn't realize Los Peyotes were not an old band and it wasn't until I cracked open the record and looked at the liner notes that I learned their real story. They are not just a new band, but a damn fine new(ish) garage band all the way from Argentina. Trashy, fuzzy and raw - truly an accidental score!

This single alone should inspire you to want to go ahead and check out the whole record.

More awesomeness:

And check out this sorta garage rock version of L7 meets the Donnas from Mexico I just stumbled across...

1 comment:

  1. I love it, especially the last video! I need to learn Spanish, or at least how to fake it.