January 14, 2009



A little write up on the Killed By Death site.

I recently picked up this reissue record in DC and the only truly disappointing thing about this record is that the label was too pussy to use the word "fucked". In its place is a tamer version - f*cked. . . so not punk.

MODERNETTES "Get modern or get f*cked" (LP) 1100 copies: 1000 on black + 100 colored (10 euro/ 12 euro) Coming ashore with the second wave of Vancouver new wave punk, (1980-83) the Modernettes delivered some great songs. Led by Buck Cherry (John Armstrong) and backed by Mary Jo Kopechne and Jughead on bass and drums, the Modernettes had a distinct personality and style that wasn't just copying the latest band of yobs from the U.K. Listen to the rawness and the pure ecstatic melody of; "Teen City", "Suicide Club" and "Rebel Kind" and of course what should have been a smash hit "Barbra". Then check out the melancholy of "Confidential". Also included are tracks from the rare Gone but not Forgiven LP, the View From the Bottom EP, as well as super-rare unreleased live tracks & rehearsal recordings.

The record is on Lady Kinky Karrot : http://www.myspace.com/ladykinkykarrot

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  1. I scored the Gone But Not Forgiven LP for $60 at the last record show here, which isn't bad considering it's an edition of 300 and goes for around $250-300. It had been freshly added to an acquaintance's store's bins and I narrowly beat the city's most notorious re-seller sharks. A former boss of mine actually released this record and one of his many to-the-grave grudges is that he no longer has a copy and nobody will just give it to him.