January 1, 2009

Top Tens of 2008

Nothing reeks of self importance like a top 10 but what can I say, I like making lists. I have written about these bands at various points through the year so I will spare you the re-review and just post the list with MySpace links just in case you want to hear them for yourself.

Top 10 Albums

1) Bottomless Pit – Hammer of the Gods (came out in Oct 2007 but I missed it) – Comedy Minus One
2) The Acorn – Glory Hope Mountain – Paper Bag
3) Pretty & Nice - Get Young – Hardly Art
4) Mutators – Secret Life - Nominal
5) Love is All – A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night – Whats Your Rupture?
6) Je Suis Animal – Self-Taught Magic From A Book – Perfect Pop
7) Jean on Jean – S/T – Kanine Records
8) Torche – Meanderthal - HHI
9) King Khan & the Shrines – The Supreme Genius Of - Vice
10) The Ruby Suns – Sea Lion – Sub Pop

Label To WatchNominal
Best Live Band: Pretty & Nice
This is the song Tora Tora Tora - think Ted Leo covering XTC

Best Reissue: Family Fodder – More Great Hits (Reissue) Jungle Record & Va / Whizz Vol 2
Best Book: Brain Rules by John Medina / Early Bird by Rodney Rothman
Favorite Record Store: Aquarius Records in S.F. (mailorder heaven)

Top 10 Songs (excluding artists from my top 10)

1) Ida Maria – Oh My God

2) Envelopes – Boat

3) French Kicks – Abandon

4) Surf City – Dickshakers Union

5) Neil Halstead – Paint A Face

6) Teen Getaway – Dancing About Architecture

7) Abe Vigoda – Dead Cit / Waste Wilderness

8) El Humo Te Hace Mal – Los Peyotes

9) School – I want you back

10) Evangelista – Truth is Dark Like Outer Space

Metal / Experi-metal

Gnaw Their Tongues

Fucked Up

Kowloon Walled City

Menace Ruine


Burial Hex


Runhild Gammelsaeter

The Goslings



  1. Nice picks, Tracy!

  2. Anonymous 1/2/09, 9:46 PM

    Thanks for the listening inspiration! I need new stuff!

  3. Thanks for the list, should provide some much needed new music listening.

    I feel out of touch, I've only heard of four of the artist in your top ten and have heard only the King Khan album in its entirety.