January 12, 2009

The Monks Documentary

Who are the Monks? They were 5 American GIs stationed in Germany during the 60s who upon finishing their duty in the military went on to form The Monks, a noisy almost punk in ethos garage band positioning themselves as the anti-Beatles. They shaved their heads like monks do, wore black clothing, and occasionally donned noose around their necks in place of neck ties - not exactly the clean cut bring them home to meet Mom and Dad kind of stuff. Their lyrics are called everything from dadaist to surreal to callas but more importantly their music was a thunderstorm of perfected electric pop- years ahead of its time.

The band played some reunion shows earlier this decade but sadly 3 of the 5 members have passed away since.

I have still yet to see this Monks documentary but I intend to one of these days. Oh the woes of living in a city that doesn't get underground films on any sort regular basis.

Newer trailer

Older trailer

Old live footage

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