March 10, 2009

Cinemasophia Record Release Show and Ringfinger's First Show Ever

What: Cinemasophia Fits & Cycles Record Release Party + Performance

What else: Ringfinger (AKA me with maybe a special guest or two) performance with set design by Chris Milk (my favorite local artist)

What else else: VCU Kinetic Imaging Department Group Show

Where: Sound Of Music Recording Studio / 321 W Broad St / RVA

When: April 3rd. / Art 7PM -

10PM / Performances : Ringfinger 10PM / Cinemasophia 10:30 : First Friday Event

Cost: FREE

Bonus: Cinemasophia will have their new record for sale at this event

Bonus #2: WRIR will have a table at the event - the local community indie radio station I have a show on.

Basically this show means the world to me. It features all of my passions in one place:

* The first band I signed to the label I have with friends called Little Black Cloud Records : I LOVE CINEMASOPHIA

* It is the first performance of mine for the Decimal record as well as my first solo ever

* This show is a test run for the Cinemasophia / Ringfinger East Coast / Mid Atlantic tour in May

* The set design by Chris will be a representation of my living room (the birthplace of my record) so I sorta get to play my songs in the comfort of my own home (the best place in earth)

* The location for the show is in the studio where some of my songs were recorded and is where Cinemasophia recorded Fits & Cycles

* WRIR will be in the house and they are my home away from home these days since I have a weekly radio show there

* And last but not least good friends are traveling a far distance to attend this very special show and nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by friends while hearing music that makes my grin from ear to ear.

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  1. Anonymous 3/11/09, 4:45 PM

    i am only 2,609 miles short of attending :(