July 20, 2009

13th Chime

I have been obsessesd with 13th Chime since a collection of their material was recently reissued on LP. (I know Other Music and Insound carry it)

They were a short lived early '80s angular post punk goth band from the UK and their music is a great mix of Gang of Four, Subhumans, and Crispy Ambulance with touches of The Fall, and very early Cure.

So good....so very good...and the LP packaging comes with an amazing big picture booklet too.

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  1. Anonymous 8/2/09, 6:37 AM

    Yes. Worth checking out http://www.myspace.com/longbonetrio

    Gary, the ex-13th Chime guitairst is the guitairst/singer in the Bones. You will like them too