July 29, 2009

Piece of Past Caught in my Throat

Nice to finally see footage of my old band Dahlia Seed make it to the wonderful world of Youtube. I think the 4th and 6th parts are my favorites. I like the yelling, what can I say. I also love the fact that someone...and I know who you are..yelled Gorilla Biscuits. I guess I was 24 when we played our last show and as you will see, I am still wearing the same shit.

A little known fact about this footage- I quit the band after this show or rather told the band that I couldn't do it anymore. I know there are some people out there who thought it was some sort of ego trip or something totally ridiculous like that but that wasn't the reality at all. Anyone who has played in a band that has faced numerous line up changes, had their throat bleed and be as raw as sandpaper all the time, live on friend's couches for a few years because they weren't making any money playing in a band and couldn't hold down a steady job because of the band...the list of frustrations could go on on....knows what I was feeling, what we all in the band were feeling. I think if I didn't say it first, it was a matter of days that somebody else in the band did, ha!

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  1. I gave you milk... I gave you cookies from my lunch...

    I had that split 7". Ahh, memories...