July 30, 2009


I am filled with hate post MBV show but in fairness it has been a horrific week for me so my venom may have a bit to do with that too. Let me have this one - I am not mean....well pretty much ever, but when you reach your breaking point, we all have one of these moments, don't we?

It is obvious you got your haircut today for the big show. Killer dude.

You studied ancient band pictures and have dressed accordingly. I am not laughing at you, really.

You are over the age of 35- don't get out much, and have forgotten how to behave like a normal person at a show. You are too drunk and too loud and because it is packed, I can't escape you. Thanks. I know now you have a few of the band's releases, own a boat, think your co-worker is hot even though you are married with three kids, and are wooooooo...WOOOOOOOO...stoked the band is about to play....ooops. That was just one song on the pre show mix ending and the next song just started. The band is nowhere in sight and you go back to telling everyone around you about your mundane life. Thanks again.

You are from Ireland, the band was from Ireland. I get it.

No bass sound should be so loud that it erupts your internal organs and no show should sound best in the bathroom.

Flip flops at a show are never a good idea. Its about as brilliant as the girl with the handbag as big as her torso banging into you every few minutes.

I don't enjoy wearing your beer home. Why can't you take a few sips before you weave through the crowd - no less push into a space that is too small for you to fit into.

People still smoke pot at shows? Huh. That is almost as retarded as clove cigarettes...and flip flops when not at the beach.

Its been 18 years and not one new song? Really?

Is that dancing or was their brown acid involved?

$10 for a makers and soda in a plastic cup. Shame on me for succumbing to the pressures of needing a drink real bad like.

Free ear plugs should have been hint enough.

Reunion shows are 99.9% of the time a total let down and I should know better. You can't go from seeing My Bloody Valentine in a space the size of your apartment in the late 80s (or maybe it was the early 90s?) and then think seeing them nearly two decades later in a big theater will remotely match that experience.


  1. I have zero interest in seeing MBV live and they are playing right down the street this weekend. Enough people I respect told me they weren't very good live in the 80 or 90's so why torture myself now. You know what...they are over-hyped anyway. Like you said not one new song in 18 years...I hate these BS reunions which are really only about stuffing money in their pockets.

  2. you are indeed loveless.

  3. I saw it and while I was unimpressed, at least it was a close drive and my curiosity has been satisfied. On any other Thursday, I probably just would have spent the ticket price on a couple of bourbons at Comfort.

    Come to think of it, a couple of bourbons at Comfort would have been more enjoyable. Okay, now I'm disappointed.

  4. True story. The girl in front of me kept confidently saying how she was going to shit her pants. What? I was pissed that there were no new songs, too, and what was the point in anyone even singing when all you could here was MMRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

  5. I would have loved to see that girl shit her pants. Now I am disappointed that I didn't go.