July 1, 2009

Squatting for Dollars

It appears that perseverance pays off...BIG TIME.

Legendary D.I.Y. venue ABC NO RIO will be receiving $1.65 Million dollars from the City of New York for a new building!

This comes as a welcome surprise to all socially minded, creative punk types with an aversion to dysentery.

Here is the NY Times Article describing the future plans.

The plans for the new building look great and I sincerely hope that all goes well.

I see a trend developing:
New ABC building, Rorschach reunion and 1.6 Band reunion.
Can Born Against and Merel be far behind?

Cause For Alarm at ABC


  1. I need to dig up that pix of Dahlia Seed at ABC. Classic and I am not just saying that because I am playing a guitar and wearing a pajama shirt top. Thanks Evan Dando for making me think that was a good idea....

  2. TKW,
    I figured I should clear that with you before I posted it. Just in case. James has this on on his site.
    No guitar though, just what appears to be college logo jammies and denim shorts. I also believe you were barefoot in the basement of ABC, a vision that haunts me to this day. Darin got extremely ill from something in that place too. Lets hope that some of that $1.6M goes to cleaning supplies.

  3. James Unite 7/7/09, 2:18 PM

    I have a guitar pic of Tracy from that ABC show. Unfortunately the guitar does not mask the outfit.