July 16, 2009

Cause & Effect: July 16th : Welcome....sort of

Tonight's show on WRIR will be a slight variation from the usual format. Since my DJ partner in crime is away this week I decided to pick a set of songs inspired by one of my favorite bands, a group from Seattle, WA called Welcome. I am wildly in love with their music and recently sent a two CD mix of music to one of the members that I thought he and his lady (also a member) might dig. I loved the mix so much that I thought it might be cool to share it on air as it reflects a slightly more obscure side of my record collection and is very close to the kind of sets I play when I DJ out for Le Garage and Cherry Bomb.

I will also have a guest DJ with me in the studio tonight, Kenny....so come join us from 7PM to 9PM at 97.3 on the dial or stream us at http://www.wrir.org/.

The set list will include all sorts of kooky 60's gems from all over the planet as well as a few more modern artists that fit into the garage / psych sound...and several tracks by Welcome....the inspiration behind this set.

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