July 14, 2009

A not so Cheap Trick

We all understand the return to vinyl, it's rich, full, complete sound, but why on earth would anyone want to re-visit the 8-Track? Well, that's exactly what veteran rockers Cheap Trick plan to do with there new release. If I recall correctly, the benefit of the 8 track was that it never had to be rewound, at the expense of chopping songs off mid stream to change tracks. Wow, does that seem worthwhile? Well, Cheap Trick also says that this new 8-Track will cost around $30. I guess it's a marketing ploy that is working for them because we all now know that they have a new record coming out.


Now, can we examine the artwork for a minute here?

Using the powers of deductive reasoning and detective work taught to us by the Beatles 'Paul is dead' album art clues, what does this cover tell us?
1. Cheap trick have more than one foot in the grave?
2. They are desperate enough to scour the beach for loose change?
3. These geezers eyesight and hearing is so bad that they don't even see or hear their bandmate in need of help 11 feet away.
He might not have sunk into the sand if he wasn't wearing that uber-heavy seven necked guitar of his.

On a final note, someone once told me that Rick had a five-necked guitar stolen from him. I'd say the cops should be looking at Shiva as the prime suspect.

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  1. Hahahaha. This made me laugh while at work - a tough thing to do. Thank you!!!