February 28, 2008

Friday Flaschcard: Name that Metal Band

It's on! If you can read this logo you are officially a metal God.

The answer can be found in the comments section.

I know I am posting this the day before Friday but I lose my internet at the hotel in a few hours so it was post now or not until next Monday. This logo and band are too amazing to snooze on so up today it goes.


  1. Obviously this says Dead Raven Choir. They are a a folk black metal band from Kraków, Poland and their line up includes a bass fiddle. Not only are they fucking brutal but they take traditional folk and country songs from their country and give them the power of a little 666.


  2. They started out strong, but let's face it, they got lazy twords the bottom.

  3. as a metal fan, i will check it out seriously.

  4. Try it - you'll like it!