February 21, 2008

Friday Flashcard : Name That Metal Band

Welcome to the first instalment of name that metal band logo.

I am starting off with a really easy one.

The answer can be found in the comments section.


  1. Why it is the black metal band Pervertum from Austria who released one record in 1995 called Creature of Ungod.

  2. I like how their sloppy logo is made even more difficult to decipher by the need to include satanic style symbols from the Necronomicon. How evil their little cartoons are! One looks like some plumbing diagram, and the other looks like one of the Dr.Seuss instruments that Who's play in the Grinch. Bravo boys, and, um, buy a ruler.

  3. It seems like lots of graphic design people are into various forms of underground metal and vice versa. One of the designers where I work has a metal MP3 blog.