February 13, 2008

School of Language - Sea From Shore

Title - Sea From Shore

Hometown - UK

Label - Thrill Jockey

Street Date - out now

David Brewis from Field Music has stepped out on his own (with the help of Barry from the Futureheads and Marie of Kenickie) to create a jaw dropping, damn fine record that has made my cold and rainy Wednesday not so terrible after all.

Sea from Shore isn’t a far stretch from Field Music (and if you don’t know who they are, well you should!) but I think fans of Menomena will really appreciate the songwriting here. I would also reccomend this to those of you who enjoy Stephen Brodsky’s dense layered pop that carries the occasional falsetto crescendo.

I hate to play out the Anglo factor but a cup of tea on a rainy Winter day paired with School of Language’s Sea From Shore has proven to be the cure for what ailes me.

My mean case of the blahhhhs is officially remedied and I might just have my first favorite record of 2008.

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  1. cool, "just" because the Menomena comparison, i'm gonna check it out!