February 16, 2008

Harold & Maude LP Box Set

Hello. I am new here. Lets jump right in:

Why is this an early contender for record of the year, 08? Lets count the ways

1. 2500: That is the # this LP is limited to. As a record geek you know i love anything limited. It makes me feel special.

2. Gatefold: A Beautiful, full colored college of a gatefold nonetheless. Very nice.

3. Never released in full soundtrack to one of the best films of the '70's: Features all the Cat Stevens music in the movie, including instrumentals and alternate versions. And did i mention that the actual vinyl has a beautiful marble sunburst pattern? Well now i have. Drool away.

4. Bonus Bonus Bonus 7": Why three times the bonus? Because the bonus 7" (unreleased versions of 'Don't Be Shy' & 'If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out') has the added bonus of being a picture sleeve, and then an added bonus of being on white vinyl and then a final bonus of inclusion of a reproducion of the original hand written lyrics for the 2 songs. THAT is dedication to a project.

5. Better than any DVD: How many DVD releases come with an LP sized, 36 page, full-color book? Well this release has it. An amazingly complete oral history of both the movie and the soundtrack featuring all the key players like Bud Cort and Yusef Islam.

6. One last piece of amazingness: 2 full size posters, the first a reproduction of the Japanese theatrical poster, the second a great Cat Stevens poster. I feel very loved as a record geek going through this set.

As you can tell i am in love with this set. I actually got it as a valentines day gift for my wife and was able to find it reasonably priced, still sealed, on Ebay. Anybody who is a fan of the seminal movie or the fantastic soundtrack should try to track this down. Thanks to Cameron Crowe for putting this out on his label. Now if you'll excuse me I am going to go listen to 'Trouble' and cry.


  1. So Crowe has a legit record label? I can't seem to find a link about it at all. Tell me more!

    You can only buy this on Ebay?

    This is a brand new release?

    So man questions!

    And you weren't kidding, that LP looks really stunning.

  2. Anonymous 2/16/08, 11:19 PM

    you have questions, i have answers.

    He has a small label called vinyl films. Look like all LP's and only a few releases. If you go to Crowes website you can find info on it.

    The LP Came out 1/1/08 in stores (indie stores obviously), but sold out quickly. Ebay is the place to find it now.

    and yes it is pretty!

  3. Anonymous 2/17/08, 1:17 AM

    I can help with this one too, Tracy.

  4. Sean, its like I have a new reason to heart you and the lady daily!

  5. Not a lot on his label - but he does seem to like Sun Kil Moon


  6. I have been looking for this for years (original LP). I am glad I stumbbled on this post.

  7. Anonymous 3/11/08, 10:07 AM

    Great post. My copy didn't come with any goodies, and the vinyl is plain jane. Yours is quite lovely, you got lucky. Unless it's a new pressing?

    I got mine from musicdirect.com in Chicago, I'd trust them over ebay.

  8. Anonymous 3/14/08, 3:32 PM

    tommy salami:

    i think you got hosed. all copies come with the goodies. even the music direct site says 40 page book and 7" single. i would ask for a refund. was it open?

  9. Anonymous 4/18/08, 3:30 PM

    My Copy has a red LP and a pink marbled 45.
    I guess there were a mix of colours for this release.

  10. Further to my anonymous comment above I have just re-read the review of the LP in Record Collector magazine and it states that there are eight different colours for the vinyl.
    The sticker on the plastic sleeve denotes the colour of the vinyl inside.

  11. Anonymous 3/23/10, 4:16 PM

    Thanks for the photos, I've never opened mine. :-)

  12. Anonymous 3/23/10, 4:17 PM

    Black, 180-gram: 1000 copies, 900 for retail

    Transparent Blue: 300 copies, 250 for retail

    Red (looks Pink in regular light, Red when you hold it up to the
    light): 300 copies, 250 for retail

    Transparent Brown Splatter: 300 copies, 250 for retail ******

    Black, Silver & Gold: 300 copies, 250 for retail

    Purple & White: 300 copies, 250 for retail

    Pink/Purple Split: 300 copies, 250 for retail

    Green, Yellow & White: 300 copies for promotional purposes only

    Picture Disc: 200 copies for promotional purposes only

    Glow-In-The-Dark Light Blue: 50 copies for promotional purposes only
    (housed in a “bootleg” jacket)

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