February 11, 2008

Nancy Priddy - You've Come This Way Before

Artist - Nancy Priddy

Title - You've Come This Way Before

Label - Rev- Ola (reissue)

Ten things to know about this artist / record:

1) This is Christina Applegate's mom

2) Was a member of the Greenwich Village Folk scene band The Bitter End Singers

3) Was the subject of Stephen Stills (Buffalo Springfield) song "Pretty Girl Why"

4) The extrodinary producer Phil Ramone who was working with Enoch Light at the time (artists like Free Design) was also a part of You've Come This Way Before

5) Christina Applegate was named after track four of the record "Christina's World"

6) Nancy appeared on episodes of Bewitched, Matlock, and the Waltons

7) Sang back up on Leonard Cohen's debut album Songs of Leonard Cohen

8) She is super foxy

9) Someone has been kind enough to make her a myspace page so you can check out her music

10) As far as jazzy sunshine psych-pop goes, this record is outstanding. Not only can she sing but there are some dazzling breakbeats that make the LP super collectable to DJ types

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