August 17, 2008

Does this make anyone as depressed as it made me?

Donita Sparks of L7 has a new record Transmiticate and here is a video for "Infancy of Disaster."

This looks like more a drag queen playing L.A. grunge rocker dress up or a MAD TV sketch but I have been assured that this really is Donita and that L.A. still takes bands that look and and sound this terrible seriously. This almost makes me think Juliette & the Licks aren't so bad after all.

I can't say L7 were mighty enough to state oh how the might have fallen but I can't deny my love for the early L7 records or how the seeing them live made the idea of being a girl in a band seem like something I wanted in on. I just pray I age a little less Trash and Vaudeville.


  1. That is a truly awful song.
    Bands from L.A. always have that underlying glam element. Even if we don't see it at first, it's there, lurking. When Jane's Addiction came out they were thought of as unique and original, L7 was a 'grunge' or punk type band, but look at Dave Navaro, or Donita Sparks today. Once you strip away the veneer of the style/fad you see the crap that lies beneath. I still like the early stuff, I can't deny the great work. The Red Hot Chili Peppers however, have retroactively RUINED their old music for me. I can no longer go back and pretend that they broke up after Hillel died.

  2. Anonymous 8/18/08, 3:46 PM

    "L.A. still takes bands that look and and sound this terrible seriously"

    Ok i have to stick up for my city. There are 2 LA's. There is the super-fake, shitty music, complete asshole crowd. Then there are the rest of us, who are actually pretty cool and have good taste and manners and hygiene. Sadly the 1st LA controls 90% of what comes out of this city and is seen by a national audiance. Sad but true.

    So no, we do not take this seriously. This is for Bullshit LA from Bullshit LA. The rest of us are just living our lives, cursing traffic and avoiding the Scientology center.

  3. Wow......that was incredibly terrible! Mr Farkus is dead right when he says "Bands from L.A. always have that underlying glam element." There hasn't been any honest bands from L.A. since The Germs & Black, from a fake callous city comes fake callous shock there!