August 27, 2008

WTF Wednesday - Video Duets

I was talking with LG last night and telling her about these videos. She says, "So, why aren't you posting these on the site?" Touche!

mr. Gnome - Night of The Crickets
I first heard about mr. Gnome and (later) this video on I Rock Cleveland. mr. Gnome's music is both ethereal and heavy - maybe what you'd get if Bjork did a record on Hydrahead. This video is simply mindblowing: a dream following its own logic with images and characters seeping up from the subconscious. Oh, just watch it.

She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here
I like the recent She & Him record for what it is - Zooey Deschanel singing charmingly over M. Ward's retro-inspried arrangements. However, I have to admit that it's pretty tame stuff. So, when I was watching this video at a friend's house this last weekend, I was ... well amazed AND disturbed.


  1. I love Zooey D. (a LOT) and She and Him, but that video is just plain weird. I had to sit through an hour of Pete Wentz on MTV to see it, too.

  2. Maybe I would have liked the She&Him record if it had been a video only record. That is actually a great idea - don't release an old fashioned record - make it strictly a video thing. Note to self. Make video record.

  3. Anonymous 8/27/08, 5:09 PM

    I can see you wearing at least 2 of the outfits Zooey wore in that video