August 20, 2008

Pat on the Back


We hit 10,000 unique hits on the blog today - not bad since we didn't have a counter until mid Feb of this year. That's gotta be about as popular as the "Terms of Use" section on Pitchforkmedia or something right?


Thanks for reading and hi-fives all around to my friends who take the time to post and leave comments.

I was so excited about this 10k number that I took to the woods with my friends from Narnia to party hard with swords (I am so bad ass that I required two swords) and pouches across our chests (I am so bad ass that I don't do pouches).

What can I say, this girl knows how to get crazy.


  1. haha! I LOVE this!

  2. whatever you do, don't hurt anna popplewell. she's a right foxy bird.