August 19, 2008

Oliver Sacks - Musicophila

I just finished reading his book (Oliver Sacks' Musicophilia) and discovered there are several YouTube interviews with him, him being the author of a mesmerizing book compiling a string of varying neurological conditions relating to music.

I had never given much thought to the dark side of music before but learning about the number of people who suffer from afflictions where music literally tortures them internally was disturbing while illuminating none the less. He goes on to describe how music also plays an important role in therapy for individuals suffering from strokes to Parkinson's disease. Music can actually breathe life into people otherwise frozen and unable to express themselves or communicate at all. The general gist of this is we have only just begun to understand all the powers and healing properties music carries for humanity.

Sack's book explores the curious ways music can live inside our body's and does so with the delicacy and analytical finesse of a sensitive detective.

Here are a few clips of Sacks discussing a few themes found in his book.


  1. Anonymous 8/20/08, 9:28 AM

    I love this guy; he's a genius. Have you ever read The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat? I had to read it in college, and it's fascinating. Check it out!

  2. That is on my to buy list. He mentions it a bit in this book and it sounds totally insane - much like the guy whose memory is only 30 seconds long. Good to see you today lady!

  3. Anonymous 8/20/08, 9:00 PM

    He is also a frequent contributor to RadioLab which can be found on the WNYC website. Best show on radio methinks.