August 11, 2008

The Return of Seaweed

Seaweed were one of my favorite bands a million years ago and as I see it, they were one of the first bands to successfully blend melody with heavy. They were like Superchunk had they been a hardcore band who liked metal. I am never much for bands doing the whole reunion thing but I will take any excuse to talk about the band as they were a big part of my past.

I've been transferring a bunch of demo versions of my old band Dahlia Seed into my computer today and it struck me listening back to all these songs that while I started out with a heavy influence of bands like Velocity Girl, the mid period DS material sounds a lot like I wanted to be a member of Seaweed.

Anyhow here is what it says on Seaweed's MySpace Blog -

Upcoming Shows

Sep 6 2008
Dantes--music northwest show

Portland, Oregon
Oct 17 2008

somewhere in Austin
Austin, Texas
Oct 18 2008

some where in houston
houston, Texas
Friday, August 08, 2008

As you seee we have booked some new shows!if your planning on going to see us in Portland at Dante's here's a little heads up!

Owen "The Bass Player" Atkin's killer rock act the FKING EAGLES will be playing a few bands before us- so the dude will be clocking double duty- make sure to show up early to hear his sweet voice and witness his epic guitar riffage!speaking of sweet voices and epic guitar riffage!?!

Aaron Stauffer " the singer" , will be performing as STAUFFER;the one person band -showcasing his rare breed of lo-fi pop indie dance damage.This will be a happening the night prior to the SEAWEED show(Sept 6th) at a Portland club called ROTTURE- STAUFFER is playing first at 8 p.m.- STAUFFER plays drums, keys, guitar and sings with no help from loops, samples, computers or normal person stuff (out there!)

In other SEAWEED NEWS.. our new drummer Jessie Fox 's fronts a band called TO THE WAVES and they will be releasing a album. to mark this release ,on this FRIDAY August 15 they will perform at ye old HELLS KITCHEN in Tacoma with help from the ultra rad metal styling of LOZEN.. don't miss out!

Also We (SEAWEED) are writing album and plan to record and release it ( I promise)


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  2. I remember sitting in your apartment on Palisade listening to the promo cassette of 'Four' that you got from Pier. We were blown away. I still love that record.