August 25, 2008

Hit the deck

This blog does not usually report on the mainstream/R&B world, or cover the same topics as Perez Hilton, but this video is too interesting to pass up.
At a K-Ci and JoJo concert in Sydney, Australia JoJo seemingly had trouble preforming to the point where he passed out ONSTAGE, and laid there for a almost minute, with no one helping him! K-Ci kept singing and a rather large man slowly walked over, picked up the dropped microphone and brought it offstage, leaving the performer lying face down.

This attention to the mic and disregard for the state of the artist leads me to believe that the large man in question must work for the record label.

Thanks to D-Lee for this news-flash.


  1. This pretty much beats the Winehouse clip of her pulling coke from her bees nest of a pile of hair, doing a quick snort, and then putting it back into her wooly black abyss.

  2. Amy Winehouse is a wildebeest. Evan Dando made public cocaine use an art form when Amy was still in diapers (which she still may need).