August 15, 2008

Friday Flashcard: Name That Metal Band

Greetings from Vegas.

Sadly I never made it to the Pinball Museum because I never had an evening open to go but I do however have a few seconds to post this week's Friday Flashcard, a Death Metal band from Las Vegas.

The songs on their MySpace page are ridiculously mixed so the vocals are waaaay up front and the guy sounds like a Lerch trying to slurp out of an empty cup using a straw.


  1. Cerebral Incubation is the band and you can listen to what sounds like a grizzly bear gagging here:

  2. He sounds like he's drowning in a toilet. Actually, not quite as dramatic as Cock and Ball Tortures vocals.

  3. Anonymous 8/25/08, 5:30 PM

    I should probably find this insulting, but considering the fact that we aim to make the most disgusting music we can, this is really more of a compliment.

    But thanks for the promotion Junebug!