August 25, 2008

Meet the Interns

Lightning's Girl needed some helpers and now I have them. Meet Frances (Siamese mix) and Eugene (silver tabby). High-five to those of you who are music dorks enough to know where those names come from. I have been training them to work on reviews, organize CDs, and DJ but so far the process is coming along slowly. For the most part they want to nap, bat things in circles, and sprint from one end of the apartment to the other. Their reviews look something like this: RFHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYc which I have yet to figure out how to properly translate into people thoughts. I guess I could review a CD according to what it makes them do like: Jay Reatard made Francis poop and Eugene attack himself in the mirror but again, not much of a review but then again, not much worse than I do now.

Eugene has taken a great interest in turntablism and here is a clip from our first lesson. I think I have finally found a DJ partner that matches my impressive turntable skills.


  1. Eugene's solid on the decks, but his crossfader skills need a little work. But can anyone scratch better than a cat? I don't think so.

    I now have to hunt down background music for your video.

  2. Maybe Francis will be nice on the mic! You have a powerhouse on your hands. You could be a showbiz mom. Seriously cute kitties, were you inspired by my collection of critters?

  3. I wish I knew how to get fancy and post music on my clip to cover me giggling. I need lessons!

    I hear that Siamese cats are chatty so I might have a toaster on my hands. We shall see, i can only hope I have a wonder duo on my hands. For now she is all about hiding if I walk to close to her. Rescue kitties are skiddish like that. Who knows, in a years time I could have an opening act for Mike Patton.

    I don't know what came over me. I woke up a week ago and started looking at cats in need of a home and found those two who came as a pair on the first site I found. They were in our apartment in 24 hours. I still don't think I could compete with your pup alone - now that is film star perfection.

  4. Anonymous 8/25/08, 6:18 PM

    squeeeeeeee!and yep, siamese are *newfangled talking cats*.

  5. They look awesome Tracy. Congrats, you are only 1 cat a rabbit a chinchilla 4 fish and 2 turtles behind me now lol.