August 18, 2008

Just some songs

Nothing special about this post, just 3 new-ish songs which have really been commanding my attention lately. The only thing these bands have in common would be that they're doing caffeinated pop/punk better than just about anybody these days. Guaranteed to liven up any mix tape or playlist.

1. Ida Maria - "Oh My God"

Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen is from Nesna in Norway, currently living in Sweden. This song's been floating around for maybe 6 months or so, but it still absolutely jams. "Is this fun for you?" she asks, and I have say fuck yeah.

2. Jaguar Love - "Bats Over The Pacific Ocean"

Jaguar Love is two dudes from The Blood Brothers and one dude from Pretty Girls Make Graves. This song's driving rhythm makes it perfect for summer roadtrips and other reckless pursuits. Gratuitous use of the word "shit" makes it inappropriate for daytime radio play, sadly. The debut album Take Me To The Sea is out tomorrow, August 19.

3. I Heart Hiroshima - "Punks"

I first heard this song about a week ago courtesy a podcast from MIT's radio station WMBR. Brisbane's I Heart Hiroshima released their debut album Tuff Teef about a year ago and for some reason the blogosphere didn't just go nuts over this incredible track (let's blame the crazy American vs. Australian dollar fluctuations). I haven't heard the rest of the album (fear not, it's on the hard drive) but based on this song and the rest of their myspace tracks they seem to have a pretty solid future ahead of them.


  1. Crap - like I needed more bands to collect. Such good stuff, I am especially fond of Ida M and I Heart. Its nice to hear ladies with big voices and crazy catchy melodies. Thanks for posting!!!!

  2. I really like the I Heart Hiroshima track.