April 15, 2008

Being in a band really does get you laid.

It looks like Drew Barrymore and Wynona Ryder aren't the only top shelp groupies out there - Natalie Portman appears to have fallen under the evil spell of Devendra Banhart. Dating is fine but do they really need to dress the same? And why is he the one carrying the purse? At least they aren't parting their hair on the same side.


  1. Claire Danes > Drew and Winona, tied with Natalie.

    Alyssa Milano married the dude from Remy Zero so I'd put her on top the heap, despite my aversion to baseball.

  2. Didn't that Counting Crows dude get with everyone in the cast of 'Friends'?

    And Marilyn Manson made Rose McGowan even filthier than she already was, though no less appealing.

  3. Actually, the whole starlet/musician hookup makes sense. Both are in entertainment but they're in different fields (film vs. music) so there's no direct competition.

    I may be showing my age, but the ultimate "is she really going out with him" starlet/musician hook up had to be Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts.

  4. Anonymous 4/16/08, 3:46 PM

    Devendra looks like the very definition of LA weirdo - psuedo hippie.

    He lives in Topanga Canyon now, where occasionally a large fire will sweep through and wipe everything out. I am not saying i want that to happen to him....but i dont know how to finish this sentence.

  5. Billy Joel had the super model wife for a few minutes there right?