April 21, 2008

minipop - a new hope

Artist - minipop

Title - a new hope

Hometown - San Francisco

Label - Take Root Records

Street Date - Out now

RIYL - Gazing at shoes / Candy

Website / MySpace

2 lovely ladies and 2 fine gentlemen combine to create sticky sweet dream-pop. This record is a great combination of jangle and wash, never leaning too far in either direction. The music calls to mind bands like Lush, Ride, The Darling Buds and The Primitives without being a carbon copy of anyone. The vocals are breathy and beautiful, reminiscent of Harriet Wheeler of the Sundays. If you long for the 3 years that British music sounded like this, then you will be very happy with 'a new hope'. This is not, however, a throwback record. This is a refreshing new voice with a modern approach.

minipop will be on tour in May, so check the schedule and, if you are near Hoboken, I will see you there.

(a music video? now that's a throwback.)

1 comment:

  1. Is it just me or does the singer look like she could be the younger sister to the mom on Malcolm in the Middle?