April 17, 2008

Sub Pop Rock City

The celebration of Sub Pop turning 20 continues..

The band that time forgot or at least so I thought until the world saw a DVD documentary called Tad: Busted Circuits and Ringing Ears released earlier this year.

The time it will take you to view this Dwarves picture is pretty much how long their actual live show was. I would say blink and you could miss them but they probably hit you with something, fell onto you from the stage, asked you for drugs or a drink, or were naked and played too close to your face to be comfortable... so there was really no missing them. Their motto was "Fuck you up and get high" but I think the missing part to that quote was "or get a penis in your eye."

Up next we have Mr. Childish. To be honest I barely remember him being on Sub Pop because Billy seemingly put out a record a month on some record label or another.

This picture cracks me up. I took this not very good photo when I saw Soundgarden play on my birthday in 1988 at Maxwells in Hoboken, NJ. If you ever wondered if grunge bands really did have long hair and look, well....grungey...the answer would be yes. This picture pretty much screams grunge.


  1. Tad was the best! Whenever he played clubs in the area, people from Maxwell's would bring him a chicken pot pie from there. He loved them.

    I believe that at that Soundgarden show, Chris Cornell turned the mic stand upside down and broke a hole in the ceiling on the stage. That hole stayed there for years, until a re-model had sound-proofing (not soundgarden-proofing) installed. The sound-proofing remained for a few years until the tragic fire at that Great White show in Rhode Island.

  2. Also, the Dwarves were so disturbingly nude, I am kinda glad they only played for 10 minutes.